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hi my name is kat and i like music and hockey; I'm from the suburbs of chicago; i love bands like we are the in crowd and new found glory and valencia; i have a small obsession with the chicago blackhawks, seth macfaclane, and foxes; i'm super hilarious and awesome (and really sarcastic) and yeah here's my twitter

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describes our friendship perfectly
nothing more beautiful than a fresh sheet of ice.
He loves me. A literal “😒”
Straight up chillin’. Romeo likes Froot Loops?

Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara and Alan Ruck in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

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I left my feelings with my wallet and my keeeys 🔥
It smells like those peach rings and I’m getting really hungry. 🍑😍
REPRESENTIN’ the #Saadfather 👐
got that tea game on lock. 💚